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Providing Unrestricted Possibility: The WMS Annual Fund


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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a critical part of WMS’s fundraising efforts.  It is money donated by WMS trustees, parents, alumni, staff, and friends to support the school’s operating budget and provide additional resources that enrich the educational experience of our students.  It supplements program funding and helps provide “extras.”  The Annual Fund allows for a flexible response to the school’s needs and directly impacts the growth of our school.

What do Annual Fund contributions support?

The Annual Fund will help to provide the funds necessary to meet the needs of the school from now into the future. Unrestricted funds are an essential element of our overall operating budget, allowing for:

  • Continuing education for our teachers so that we remain at the forefront of current educational practices
  • Montessori classroom materials
  • Tuition assistance for students
  • Building maintenance, improvements, and campus safety

Who oversees this fund and decides how it is allocated?

Waco Montessori School is governed by a Board of Trustees. One of the many obligations of the Board is to ensure the financial security of WMS. The Annual Fund is directed by the Board of Trustees and the allocation of the funds are determined in order of necessity.

If money is needed, why not just raise tuition?

Revenue from the Annual Fund allows our school to ensure affordable tuition with limited increases, making our school accessible to a diverse group of talented students.  Also, remember that unlike tuition, gifts to the Annual Fund are 100% tax-deductible!

Why is parent participation so important?

Parent participation is critical to the Annual Fund as it serves as an objective measurement of how strongly WMS parents support the school.  Evidence of this support enables the school to successfully seek additional funding from corporations and foundations.  When parents participate, regardless of the size of the gift, they clearly demonstrate the confidence that they have in the philosophy of WMS.

How does the Annual Fund relate to the Annual Auction?

Like the Annual Fund, our auction each fall counts as unrestricted giving, which can be used by the school as needed.  However, giving to an event is not the same as giving to the Annual Fund.  Annual Fund gifts are completely tax deductible and count towards participation, especially when applying for grants.  Auction donations do not count towards participation.

How much should we give?

We respectfully ask every Waco Montessori family to participate in the Annual Fund Campaign each year at a level that is personally significant. Please know that every gift, regardless of the amount, has an enormous impact on a school of our size.

How do I make my gift?

All gifts made on-line are fast and secure (just click here), but other options  include:

  • Drop off a check at the front office with Linda
  • E-mail Development Director (tmeyer@wacomontessorischool.org) with your pledge amount and an invoice will be mailed to you OR it can be added to your next TADS invoice
1920 Columbus Avenue Waco, Texas 76701 (254) 754-3966 info@wacomontessorischool.org (254)752-2922 fax

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