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Admission Process

WMS is committed to building long-term partnerships with families. The partnership works best when WMS can meet the student’s needs within a Montessori environment and parent beliefs and expectations are aligned with Montessori philosophy.  WMS’s acceptance of a child is based on several factors. The most important factor is the match of the family’s and school’s educational goals for the child.

Although there is not an application deadline, WMS recommends submitting the Application for Admission and the Application Fee by November 15 if possible.

Steps for Enrollment – (Steps 1-3 must be completed before a spot will be offered.)

1. Make an appointment to tour the school and to observe a Montessori classroom;
2. Submit an Application for Admission with the Application Fee (applications are submitted through brightwheel – you may be asked to create an account);
3. Attend a Montessori 101 class;
4. Submit copies of reports or assessment results (former school, therapists, psychologists, diagnosticians, etc.) if applicable and when requested;
5. Participate in child interview/class visit; and
6. Meet with a member of the administrative team for parent interview.

Wait Pool

Submission of the Application for Admission and the Application Fee will secure a space for the child in the wait pool. Children in the wait pool will be invited to continue the Admission Process in the order of date on which the Application for Admission and the Application Fee was received and after Steps 1-3 in the Admission Process have been completed. New students are selected for open spaces in order to maintain balance within the classrooms.

A child will be removed from the wait pool at the family’s request or after the family has declined a spot for a second time. Should a child be removed from the wait pool, the family will be required to submit a new Application for Admission and Application Fee to restart the Admission Process. Prior application fees will not be applied to new applications or transferred to siblings.

Enrollment Options

Kindergarten (8:15am – 3:00pm) and Elementary (8:15am – 3:15pm) students will enroll for five (5) full days.

The following schedules are available for Toddler and Early Childhood (non-kindergarten) enrollment:

Option 1 5 full days Monday – Friday 8:15am – 3:00pm
Option 2 5 half days Monday – Friday 8:15am – 11:30am
Option 3 5 day combo 1 Full – Mon/Wed/Fri
Half – Tues/Thurs
8:15am – 3:00pm
8:15am – 11:30pm
Option 4 5 day combo 2 Half – Mon/Wed/Fri
Full – Tues/Thurs
8:15am – 11:30am
8:15am – 3:00pm

Acceptance Priority

Applicants will be given priority in the following order:
1. Siblings of children currently enrolled at WMS. In order to be considered for sibling priority for the upcoming school year, the sibling’s Application for Admission and the Application Fee must be submitted by November 15. After November 15, the sibling will be placed in the wait pool in the order that the Application for Admission was received. Acceptance of the sibling is contingent upon completing all steps of the Admission Process.
2. Children/Grandchildren of current WMS employees.
3. Children in the wait pool.

Class Placement

Children are placed by the administration and teaching teams with consideration to the individual needs of each child and in a manner that balances gender, age, educational, social and emotional needs of each classroom. Each program (EC, LE, and UE) is a three year cycle. Children placed in a classroom generally stay in that classroom until they advance to the next program. In order to maintain the ability to balance classrooms, WMS does not accept parent requests for classroom placement. Consideration will be given to the placement of siblings/relatives. If a parent has concerns regarding placement, they may visit with the Head of School.

Provisional Enrollment Period

WMS offers a provisional enrollment period for students who are new to the school or transitioning to a new program.  During the provisional enrollment period, school staff will assess fit and match between a child’s needs and WMS’s ability to meet his or her needs in the WMS Montessori environment. This period is also an opportunity for staff to access alignment of parent beliefs and expectations with the WMS Montessori philosophy and practices.

School staff expects that students will experience a normalization, or adjustment period as they begin a new routine with new teachers and classmates. At any time during the provisional enrollment period, if it is deemed that the child is not normalizing or progressing successfully, a meeting will be scheduled between the family, teacher, and Head of School. This meeting may result in a request for outside evaluation or assistance, placement in another program, or dismissal of the child from the school.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Waco Montessori School does not discriminate against any person in admission, employment, or otherwise because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or age.

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Excellence, because children are worthy of nothing less.