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Waco Montessori School Early Childhood Programs

 Early Childhood Program

(3 – 6 years approximately) 8:15am – 11:30am or 8:15 am – 3:00pm daily

The Waco Montessori School Early Childhood Program includes five mixed-age classrooms for children between the ages of three and six years old.  Like Maria Montessori, our teachers believe that children of this age are concrete, sensorial learners with a limitless capacity to absorb and internalize the world around them. The classroom environment is prepared with a wealth of materials and activities to meet this capacity. There are exercises of practical life, from spooning beans to washing tables, which develop concentration, engagement, focus, order, control of movement, and independence. Sensorial materials, such as the pink tower, help children sequence, clarify, and classify information, and refine their senses by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, listening to, and exploring their environment. Language and mathematics materials such as the moveable alphabet and the golden beads introduce concepts in a way that makes intuitive sense and invites repetition moving towards deep mastery. Art, geography and music activities spring from the same philosophy, providing for hands-on, open exploration.

Social interactions arise naturally as children work together or side by side. Every situation, from waiting your turn in line to helping a friend tie his apron, provides the children with opportunities to develop peaceful social skills, respect for others, responsibility for oneself, and compassion for all.

Teachers present both social and academic lessons to children individually and in groups. Children thrive in our Children’s House classrooms as they interact with their environment through student choice, hands-on materials, mixed-age classrooms, and the comprehensive Montessori curriculum. Children transition to one of our Lower Elementary classrooms after their 3rd year in Early Childhood (the Kindergarten year).


Enrichment Program

(3 – 4 years) 11:30am – 3:00pm daily

Children who still require a time of rest attend the Enrichment Program.  A typical schedule is listed below.

11:30 am – 12:15 pm    lunch

12:15 – 12:30 pm           clean up and story time

12:30 – 1:15 pm              initial rest

1:15 – 2:00 pm                extended rest

2:00 – 2:45 pm               free time for works/playground time (weather permitting)

2:45 – 2:50                       prepare to go home or transition to the After School Program


Enrichment Classrooms focus on teaching grace and courtesy, such as how to walk in a line, how to make a request, how to clean up after one’s self, and personal responsibility/independence.  Students practice helping one another, their manners, and kindness towards others.  Each week, students take turns doing different jobs.  These include passing plates and cups, and placing flowers and lights on the tables.  The room is dimmed to promote a calm environment.  Students are taught to clean up after themselves and the classroom.  Two days each week are dedicated to Music and introduction to the Spanish language.

During rest time, the children have the opportunity to rest, but they do not have to sleep.  Parents are encouraged to speak to the lead teachers to discuss the needs of their children during rest time.

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Excellence, because children are worthy of nothing less.