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Waco Montessori School Elementary Program

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(Grades 1- 6) 8:15am – 3:15pm daily



LOWER ELEMENTARY PROGRAM (Multi-aged classes for Grades 1-3)

The Waco Montessori School Lower Elementary (LE) Program is an expansion of the Early Childhood program.  Teachers evaluate through observation of and dialog with each child for the appropriate placement in the LE program.  Consideration is given to each child’s learning style.  An academic foundation is built by a variety of different teaching methods used to present the language, math, and cultural curriculums.

The LE prepared environment is created to enhance a child’s joy of learning, while developing the skills necessary for a child to become an independent, life-long learner.  While each child has his or her own desk, many lessons and works are done on the large open carpeted area.  Beautifully crafted Montessori materials line the shelves in the classroom.  Each classroom has its own library containing both fiction and non-fiction books.  Practical life for each child includes caring for and maintaining the shelves with materials in the classroom throughout the school year.

Individual language lessons include phonics, reading, grammar, word study, and writing.  Individual math lessons are taught with materials designed to led the LE child from concrete, hands-on experience to abstraction as they work to master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Clock work, fractions, money, and measurement are also taught with concrete hands-on materials, which give the child an opportunity to explore learning independently.

Small groups gather weekly for grammar, geometry lessons, penmanship/cursive lessons, and reading groups.  Students learn to plan their own daily works as they develop time-management skills.

LE weekly Cultural lessons are taught in a large group format.  Functional, physical, and political geography, as well as botany, zoology, and history extensions provide multiple opportunities for students to further develop and apply reading and writing skills.  Every year one continent is selected for an in-depth study, with the contient of North America being taught every third year.  Students present their own research to their classmates.  Older students present their research projects to their classmates and families.

Beyond the academic curriculum, students are taught social graces and courtesy lessons.  Respect for oneself and others is modeled by teachers and older students.  The development of time management and leadership skills go hand in hand with personal social skills.  Student leaders take turns presiding over class meetings used for problem solving and acknowledgements.  Field trips pertaining to areas of study are planned throughout the year.



UPPER ELEMENTARY PROGRAM (Multi-aged classes for Grades 4-6)

The Waco Montessori School Upper Elementary (UE) Program is a continuation of what students have begun in LE, allowing them to build on their previous experiences and extending their learning to new levels.  As they progress, they work toward abstraction while branching out into new areas.

UE students are given weekly lessons in Geometry, Grammar, and Geography or History.  At the end of each lesson, an assignment is given that is due one week later.  The addition of assignments to the work week provides students with new opportunities in time management, as well as handling long term deadlines.

Our UE program provides students with very special opportunities for growth.  They have an opportunity to participate in special events such as Culture Fair, History/Science Fair, Private School UIL Academic contests, competitive sports, and the annual class trip.

UE teachers are committed to working with each student as an individual, doing their best to meet the diverse needs of every child in the classroom.  Each child will be able to progress at a pace that is appropriate for him/her, whether he/she is able to progress quickly through the curriculum or needs more time to master it.

UE students are prepared for middle school when they graduate, regardless of the school to which they transition.  Students move on to both public and private schools.  We maintain communication with middle schools to get feedback from them to ensure that we are properly preparing our students for their transition.


Vision of a Mustang Graduate

Values the self, has a sense of self: exhibits self-confidence, is able to articulate his or her own strengths and areas of challenge, can recognize limitations as well when to ask for help.

Respectful of self, environment and others: participates in civic engagement activities, shows responsibility to his or her classroom community, is able to lead as needed, is able to work cooperatively in a group toward a shared goal.

Desires to be a life-long learner: shows enthusiasm for work, demonstrates pride in accomplishments inside and outside the classroom, demonstrates integrity in work produced.

Seeks to problem-solve: participates actively in problem-solving sessions in class meetings, shows ability to think critically in various subject areas, exhibits time management skills, able to balance complex tasks over the long term with short term goals.

Graduation Requirements

A graduate from Waco Montessori School will have mastered the skills and concepts expected as represented in the WMS Upper Elementary Curriculum. Mastery will be determined by teacher observation of work completed, student presentations, progress reports and student portfolio.


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Excellence, because children are worthy of nothing less.