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In celebration of Montessori Education Week, we asked our teachers why they have chosen to stay teaching at WMS for all of these years…here are a few responses to date:

“I came to WMS after teaching for nine years in public school.  I felt called to be here.  I love being able to teach a child for three years.  Not only do I get to know how each child learns best, but I get to know their families.  I also love the beautiful Montessori materials.  Watching our students understand concepts on their own with the materials is one of my greatest joys.  Our students come to school each day feeling loved and ready to learn.  I watch them grown in confidence from year one to year three, leaving as a leader with a kind heart.”

“I have stayed at WMS because I get to work with some really great teachers.  Some of these teachers I have known for 20 years!”

“I am naturally drawn to children for their love of life and sense of curiousity.  Montessori education supports the senses to provide a fuller education.  These children are empowered!”

“I love the idea of following each child in my classroom.  Adults so often demand for kids to adapt to our schedule and what we want the kids to do and when…but as a teacher I get to see first hand how much more the child sees, enjoys, and discovers about the world in my class.”

“I am constantly amazed at how organized, entrepreneurial, and empathetic these children become as they go through [our school].”

“We are supported by our Head of School.  We are given the resources to be the very best we can be for our students.”

“It is hard to have the words to express my joy and passion working as I have for 33 years in Montessori education.  I was trained to serve the children, but the gifts I have received through the children, parents, and faculty outweigh anything I could possibly give! For it is more than just Montessori education…it is working for Waco Montessori School; it’s foundation is unique.  It brings me such enjoyment to invite a child into one of our beautifully prepared rooms and watch their gifts inside manifest.  There is freedom within boundaries, as the first lesson is received and given.  The child learns to observe, then do the work themselves with their own hands, learning more than we could teach.  There are so many opportunities to teach more than academics…opportunities to teach responsibility, care for the environment, respect for each other, the joy of learning, perseverance, and awe of the world around them.  Most especially, we are able to teach life skills that allow each child to become a person of integrity.”

“Mahatma Ghandi said that if we are to teach real peace, we have to start with the children.  Our classrooms cultivate peace with the quiet hum of activity, with grace and courtesy lessons, all providing a framework for which they learn peace.  I teach at Waco Montessori School because I believe in helping our students make the world a better, more peaceful place.”

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Excellence, because children are worthy of nothing less.