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In celebration of Montessori Education week, we asked our parents what they like about Montessori for their child/children.  Here are some things our parents said:  

…that it readily adapts to my child’s individual academic and mental needs.

…that [my children] are both celebrated for their uniqueness.


…that [my children] love going to school EVERY SINGLE DAY. They truly love learning because of WMS.

…the hands-on learning and the 3-year cycle of learning in the classroom. Each teacher really gets to know the student and is able to individualize and customize to give them a top education.  I believe that the hands-on academics is amazing!

…they get to be individuals. They do not have to fit into any mold.

…the independent, thought-provoking learning environment.

…the focus on independence and customized learning for each child!

…that it provides a prepared environment where [my children] are able to develop independence and begin to realize that they have the intelligence and ability to do things for themselves.

…that the program instills a sense of curiosity, wonderment, and self-motivation. I am also amazed that everyone working at the school calls my children by name, even if I have no idea who the adult is!


…the apparent high caliber of education, growth, and development of each individual child.


…that they are not confined to a desk or locked into a worksheet or screen.  They have the opportunity to sit on the floor or stand to work, to move around if needed and to have hands on learning from materials they can stack, sort, build with, etc.  Movement has been shown to enhance learning and I like how this is incorporated into learning at WMS. My children have worked with, learned from, and helped teach other children who were same age, older and younger in the multi age classroom. Montessori has provided a rich learning environment by allowing such a wide variety of learning opportunities.  


…the individualized curriculum for each student. No child is made to exceed or decreed their current level, and they can work at their pace in their learning style. Also, Montessori education creates a hands-on, exploratory, and critical thinking environment in which the whole brain is actively engaged and working. This is how learning should take place!!

…that my children each have a confident self, totally immersed in their love of learning.  They are encouraged and celebrated every day and know their place in the world – their responsibility and respect for themselves and others within the classroom and the environment at large.

…that my child can be creative and think outside the box with every subject / topic she comes across in the classroom.

…he is able to be a kid and the teacher trusts him to know what he needs to do his work each day.

…the teachers are not teaching to a standardized test!  Hooray!

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Excellence, because children are worthy of nothing less.